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Micro-Drain GT 10x


Grease clogs are often the cause of slow drains, sewage back ups as well lead to pest problems and rancid odors. Restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other institutions are prohibited from directly discharging grease into the city sewer system and must take precautions to prevent oil and grease from entering the sewer lines. Because of the regulations surrounding discharge, grease traps are essential to the operation of many businesses and organizations in a community.

The Micro-Drain “GT” 10X series is formulated specially for grease traps, drain maintenance, and wastewater treatment. As grease breaks down, the pH drops. This creates a harsh environment for the helpful bacteria. The Micro-Drain “GT” 10X series is designed to work effectively in lower pH ranges found in grease traps. In addition, the surfactant package contains no APE’s, making it a safe and effective choice for grease trap maintenance products.

Micro-Drain GT 10X Gallon
    Micro-Drain “GT” 10X Applications
  • Drain Line & Grease Trap
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Micro-Drain “GT” 10X Advantages
  • Extensive shelf life
  • Keep floats clean
    Reduce grease build-up headaches
    – Prevent emergency blockages
    – Save on line jetting
    – Lower grease disposal costs
    – Reduce odors
  • Reduces TSS/BOD/COD/FOG
  • Broad spectrum organic degradation
4 per case, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum

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