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MICRO-TAB ‘B’ are solid time-release tablets that provides aerobic microorganisms to purge odors and break down waste in grease traps and waste collection systems.
How MICRO-TAB ‘B ‘works;

  • Purges odors from the tank – Most noxious odors in collection systems (volatile fatty acids, sulfides and ammonia) are created by the anaerobic degradation of waste. MICRO-TAB ‘B’ supersaturates the water in the collection system with a blend of aerobic and facultative microbes. MICRO-TAB ‘B’ removes odor from the water column through the effervescent action of the puck as they dissolve. By preventing anaerobic conditions from reoccurring, odors are eliminated.
  • Works from the bottom up – The dense tablet quickly settles to the bottom of the collection system and starts to work from the bottom up. The mechanical action of the bacteria lodges the tablet deeper into the sediment as it dissolves. The bacterial cultures move through the suspended solids into the grease cap treating the entire system. This effervescent action also loosens the particulate matter, making it more available for bacterial degradation as well as disbursing the bacterial cultures throughout the collection system. By creating aerobic conditions, biodegradation is dramatically improved.

Benefits of MICRO-TAB ‘B’

  • Elimination of odors.
  • Reduction in suspended solids exiting the collection system (i.e. reduce BOD).
  • Reduction in size and density of grease cap.
  • Reduction in sludge blanket depth at the bottom of the collection system.
  • Reduction in the necessity for cleaning.
  • Ease of cleaning – bacteria loosens residues on walls and bottom of collection system.
  • Prevents component and pipe corrosion and damage due to the acid by-products of anaerobic degradation.
Feature Micro-Tab ‘B’ Block Treatment Liquid Treatment
Bacteria 3 Billion/gram 1.5 Billion/gram 1.5 Billion/gram
Prevents Clogs YES Yes Yes
Application Period 2 weeks 1 week 3 days
Monthly Cost $50 $125 $165
Easy to use YES Messy install & removal Spills and splashes
*Information from leading brand block & liquid grease trap treatment

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