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About Micro-Tab ‘B’


Grease Trap & Waste Water Tablet


Micro-Tab ‘B’ is a solid time-released tablet that provides bacteria to purge odors and break down waste in grease traps, ejector pits, and other waste water collection systems.


Most noxious odors in a waste water system are created by the degradation of waste at the bottom of the trap or other waste water system. The blend of bacteria supersaturates the waste water removing odor from the water column through the dissolving puck and preventing these conditions from reoccurring.


The puck, once entered into the waste water system, settles to the bottom and starts to work from the bottom up. The puck starts releasing millions of bacteria which in turn break down the particulate matter and grease keeping aerobic conditions and dramatically improving biodegradation.


  • Form: Solid Green Tablet
  • Content: Biological Nutrients, Stimulants, and Buffers
  • Plate Count: 3 Billion per Gram
  • Shelf Life: 2 years (store in a cool dry place)
  • Packaging: 32LB case (64 – 8oz tabs)
Micro-Tab 'B'

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