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Commercial/Facilities Items

Micro-Tab ‘B’ is a solid time-released tablet that provides bacteria to purge odors and break down waste in grease traps, ejector pits, and other waste water collection systems.
Packaging: case (64 – 8oz tabs)
FBG-1000 Liqui-Gel
FBG-1000 Liqui-Gel is a thickened biological formula that will coat drains and cling to the walls of the pipes, allowing the bacteria to continuously digest any build-up. By eliminating this decomposing material, drain flow is improved, odors drastically reduced, and costly blockages prevented.

Packaging: case/12-1qt bottles.

MICRO-CLEAN deep cleans, removing embedded residual grease and organics especially in porous tile, cracks, crevices, and corners. MICRO-CLEAN continues to work when washed down the drain, digesting grease and organics as it flows through the pipes into the sewer or septic system where the bacteria continue to remediate fats, oils, greases and other organic matter. MICRO-CLEAN contains no chlorine, phosphates, or other potentially harmful chemicals, and is safe for humans, animals, and the environment when used as instructed.
The Micro-Drain “GT” 10X series is formulated specially for grease traps, drain maintenance, and wastewater treatment. As grease breaks down, the pH drops. This creates a harsh environment for the helpful bacteria. The Micro-Drain “GT” 10X series is designed to work effectively in lower pH ranges found in grease traps. In addition, the surfactant package contains no APE’s, making it a safe and effective choice for grease trap maintenance products.
MICRO-TAB URINAL KIT are a uniquely formulated, bacterial urinal screen or puck. They are designed for use in the base of urinals for a slow dissolving bio-microbial bowl cleaner and septic treatment. This product is 100% microbial and as such, is 100% friendly to the septic system it washes into. Package: 50 - 2.5 oz. tablets + 2 re-usable screens

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